The most common things you can do online that pays:
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Paid-to-click, Aurora Sites and HYIP

Seriously what company would pay you to do nothing?

Obviously paid-to-click programs require you to build your network; convince your members to do the same and spend at least 2 hours just clicking ads, promoting your links and tracking your progress. Experienced MLM and Networking professionals have a good chance from earning heftily from these sites. 
However if you are the impatient and anti-social type keep away from these programs. Most sites pay $0.01 per click and pays out at $1 or $10. Always check the FAQ page before signing for the program. Do some research as well to make sure that you are not falling for a scam. Do not expect much without upgrading though. Some sites demand some sort of investment to get some increase in ads viewed or referral incentives.

SCAMS are common in this type of money making opportunity. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT'S A SCAM. Some will pay good during the first months but will slowly miss out on payments after the market saturates.

Check the web for more options but do not forget to read REVIEWS.  

So far the only program I trust is:

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It has been around the PTC sites started. They added survey into these accounts and some fun stuff. Unfortunately am more busy writing and experimenting on other online opportunities hoping to give you a better suggestion.